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I absolutely love the changing of the seasons. Fall is my favorite time of year. However, the change from winter to spring definitely makes my heart happy. After so many weeks of everything being frozen under a hard layer of ice, the trees bare and the grass brown and dead, the first signs of Spring bring me joy. Spring seems to come in slowly. One morning you awake to hear a few notes of birds singing, next you notice a few sprigs of lavender flowers beginning to work their way through the brown patches of grass. Then one day you awake to the sun shining and a world is once again full of color and sound.

In my experience, grief kinda works the same way. Days turn to weeks which then turn to months of walking through what seems like a bleak haze. Then, out of nowhere, the smallest thing appears and reminds you that you are still alive. A song comes on the radio that makes you smile. A friend tells a story and you find your belly laugh again. A child holds your hand and you  feel something other than just the pain and numbness you have felt for so long. It may not seem like it now, but a day will come that is filled with more real smiles than forced ones. You will come alive again – just hunker down and ride out the winter.

“The most beautiful springs are those that come after the most horrible winters!” -Mehmet Murat ildan


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  1. Scott Belcher

    So beautifully put and so true… You are a wonderfully gifted writer, Christian, and person, and what a wonderful purpose and potential this website has to help people!!! Praying, may God bless this website, and you, and all the great work you do Amanda!!!

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