Monday was the first big snow storm of the year here in Louisville. As the snow and cold weather has continued, it has been interesting to see the way people’s attitudes have morphed over the last three days. Monday was the first day of the storm. Schools closed. Many businesses dismissed early. Andy got sent home early. Many adults were giddy with excitement …just like the kids when they  found out that school was cancelled. Many of them bundled up and went out and enjoyed the snow with their kids. I have seen lots of pictures of snowmen and forts on Facebook. The most adventurous ones sought out the biggest hill they could find to do some sledding. Others like me and the hubby enjoyed the snow from inside. We spent this unexpected time together playing games and watching movies.

Tuesday schools were cancelled again. For the most part, people were not as excited as they were on Monday about the snow day, but they dealt with it. However, when Wednesday rolled around and school was cancelled AGAIN, the grumbling started! I know that it is an inconvenience for many who have to find other childcare options or miss work themselves. I am sympathetic to that. But, it is interesting the ones that don’t have that issue and still complain. I think it just goes to show how our human nature works.

We don’t like for our lives to be interrupted or inconvenienced. We don’t enjoy things that we have no control over. Our response to the snow reminds me a lot of our response to relationships. We like our family and friends when they benefit us in some way. But, once they start to cost of something, we get frustrated. We want them to have their life together.  We don’t understand why everyone can’t be like us!  (insert sarcasm here)

I am so thankful that God loves us — he loves us no matter what kind of a messy state we come to Him in. He always has time for us. He never views us as in inconvenience. He is patient with us.  I find it interesting that in 1 Corinthians 13, the chapter of the Bible that describes in detail what love is, patient is the very first word used to describe love. The Bible also tells us over and over again that as God loves us, we are to love others. Do we love others the way God loves us? Are we willing to let our lives be interrupted for the sake of others? Are we willing to be patient with them and sit with them in their mess and help them work their way out?

Lord, help me to be the person that people know they can come to and be loved regardless of what state they are in.

photo credit: Snowy canopy – photopin – (license)